The development of our project will be staggered over a number of phases these are as follows:

Phase 1

In phase 1 a one acre plot adjacent to the farm buildings will be earmarked for the growing of vegetables and a rescue centre for ex-battery hens. In addition a project will commence on the maintenance of the woodland and pond areas which will incorporate forest gardening using permaculture principles.

Phase 2

It is planned to set up a red squirrel sanctuary in phase 2 together with other wildlife areas and to commence maintenance work elsewhere on the farm including copacing, fencing and dry stone walling.

Phase 3

The project will be expanded to the keeping of animals including sheep, goats, cattle, horses, donkeys together with hay and straw making.

Phase 4

The project expands into a social enterprise including an organic farm shop and on site restaurant.

Phase 5

The building of supported social housing units for older tenants with enduring mental health problems.

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